Why Join Sydney Karate Club?

People decide to learn martial arts for many different reasons. Some people want to learn self defence, some enjoy it for the health benefits, others want to meet new people. Whatever your reasons are, Sydney Karate Club can help you to achieve your goals.

The Instructors

Our instructional team is the best in the business. Every instructor is fully qualified at an advanced level in their art and backed by externally recognised instructor qualifications from bodies such as Ausport and ISKA.

The Facility

Our full time centre is fully decked out with quality rubber floor matting, punching bags and all of the latest training equipment to make learning easy and training fun. Not to mention fully insured for sports injury to guarantee your safety.

Class Structure

All our classes have been designed around a dynamic curriculum with a focus on delivering information in a manner that is suitable to each level, so no-one gets thrown in the deep end not knowing what to do.

National level competitions and champions

Want to get into the martial arts competitions and become the national champion? We can help you with that goal. We have several ISKA champions training with us already.

Digital login system

Students log in to every class via the club touch screen system. As well as allowing the students to keep track of their attendance, the system also allows the instructors to better organise classes appropriate to the level of attendance, so we can ensure a quality service provided to each student.

Friendly atmosphere

Don't want to train in a martial arts gym with a drill sergeant screaming orders at you and calling you names when you don't get it right? Don't want to train at a place where the sole focus is on competition? Don't worry - Sydney Karate club is a family friendly and very socially active environment. Everyone is there to help each other train - there are no attitudes and no egos allowed.