About Sydney Karate Club

The only full time martial arts centre on the Sydney city fringe. Sydney Karate Club offers a wide range of classes in the arts of Freestyle Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Arnis, Kubodo and Yoga. We also offer children’s classes from 3 years old. Sydney Karate Club is open to men, women and child of any age.

If you want to get fit, have fun and learn self defence – Sydney Karate Club is the place for you!

Sydney Karate Club was established in the Ultimo area in 2002. The club was founded with the goal of teaching self-defence to a small group of friends, and from here Sydney Karate Club has grown, offering freestyle karate and self-defence classes to people of all ages from its specialised facility in Ultimo.

Sydney Karate Club started its first classes in the park on Mary Ann St. The Club quickly grew and moved into the Harris Community Centre Church Hall in 2003 and in 2005 Sydney Karate Club opened its second location in the West Epping Scout Hall. After 9 years in the Harris Community Centre Sydney Karate Club made the decision to set-up its own permanent space in the area moving one street away to 190/392 Jones St Ultimo. In 2012 Sydney Karate Club ratified its constitution, and become an Incorporated Sports Organisation, continuing its original goal to teach self-defence with all profits being directed back into the club.

Our classes are open to men, women, and children. We welcome anyone who wants to learn.

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How long does my membership last for?

After your free trial lesson, You can sign up for a rolling open ended fortnightly memberships, we do not lock you into long term contracts and only ask for 1 fortnights notice if you wish to leave.

How old does my child need to be before they start?

We take students as young as 3 years old; however, we have taken students a little bit younger granted they have a good attention span and are great listeners, its a good opportunity to take advantage of our free trial.

Do I need experience to start?

Definitely not, around 99% of our students have never tried martial arts before, and 99% of our students never new how to punch or kick properly either, we are here to show you how.

When do I get my uniform?

When you sign up for membership, you will receive a free uniform. We like all our students to look and feel like they are part of the club as quickly as possible.

What safety precautions do you take?

We train on a fully matted surface to allow our students to fall without injury, falling properly is a major part of martial arts and without a matted surface this would not be possible. All our instructors are Coach Checked, hold working with children permits and have appropriate first aid qualifications. Sydney Karate Club is also completely insured for sports injury.

Is Sydney Karate Club an Active Kids provider?

Yes, we are.

Do I have to wait for a certain time to enrol?

No! Sydney Karate Club run's all year round, this means you can enrol when the time suits you best, there’s no need to wait until the start of the school term. The only time classes stop is over the Christmas / New Year break.

Am I locked into a certain day of the week?

No, at Sydney Karate Club your membership is unlimited classes per week for your program. So if you miss you class on a Tuesday, you can come in on a Thursday or Saturday for example.

Does the skills and techniques I learn at Karate One make me aggressive?

Absolutely not! The techniques you learn at Sydney Karate Club are there for self-defence, self awareness and self discipline. Knowing how to punch and kick does not mean you will use it, it means you now know when to use it. We have a strict rule on not fighting outside our studio for anything other than self-defence.

Are your instructors child protection checked?

Yes, all our instructors are working with children checked.

What's the style of Karate? 

At Sydney Karate Club we teach several martial arts styles our Junior and Adult Karate Classes are Kaizen Ryu Karate Do which is a Karate style based on Goju Ryu with elements of Doce Pares Arnis, Judo, Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mauy Thai blended in.

Our Little Ninja's and Tiny Tiger's classes are age specific variations on Kaizen Ryu Karate Do.

Our Weapons classes are Motbu RyuKyu Kobudo with elements of Ryu Kon Kai Kobudo.

We also often have guest instructors who bring with them knowledge of other styles and techniques that complement what we teach everyday.